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One of those golden moments. Atmosphere.

It’s 1:49 a.m. I am writing the “about” page for a site that doesn’t even really exist yet. My wife and two sons are sleeping. I should be too. But I believe in this. This music. This culture. This site as a platform to publicly have a conversation about hip hop music and culture as a catalyst for real, meaningful change – both in the lives of individuals and in communities.

I remember being 9 years old and hearing Me Myself and I, by De La Soul, stopping in my tracks and staring at the speaker until the song was over. I walked away from that encounter different. Obviously at the ripe ol’ age of 9 I had no idea how deep that connection would go, and how hip hop would be a shaping force in my life – hip hop is a part of the fabric of my being, and I believe you feel the same way, or you wouldn’t be here.

#SDLovesHipHop exists to serve the hip hop community, beginning with San Diego, reaching up to LA and then the rest of the West Coast, east across the nation back to the culture’s birthplace, and hopefully to the rest of the world. Our service begins with creating a platform to discuss the real, meaningful impact(s) hip hop has had on those of us who consider ourselves a part of the culture. This conversation will provide a fuller picture of hip hop to those not yet a part of the culture and will hopefully win over those who often tell me, “I don’t really listen to hip hop anymore, it’s just not the same as…”  Typically, the last group described just needs someone to point them in the right direction, and SDLovesHipHop is where they can be pointed, not as the end, but as a means to then point our readers to music that matters, that is relevant and that is connected to our rich history.

I sincerely hope that in hosting this conversation we will all discover just how deep and wide the impact our culture has had on individuals’ lives and communities has been, is, and will be. I invite you to please join the discussion by reading the articles, commenting on those that resonate with you, and sharing those you feel will resonate with others. To read first-hand accounts of the impact SDLovesHipHop’s coverage of hip hop music has had, click on the TESTIMONIALS page.

Be an active member of hip hop culture and do your part.

Peace, Love & Hip Hop,

– SDLovesHipHop

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