Wow, where do we begin? Never could we have imagined that someone would take the time to analyze, critically assess, and delve into our creative process to such a degree, in an effort to provide such an all-encompassing, in-depth look at what The Brothers Burns and The Bassmint Collective embody. This article was so poignantly written and constructed that it painted us in a light that few rarely even recognize, let alone are aware of. It not only opens up a conscious conversation surrounding hip-hop culture in general – and its lasting impact on our society and livelihood – but also divulges troves of information relating to our personal and creative evolution throughout the years that one might not otherwise have come to know or appreciate by conventional means. Our hats are off to Nate Whitsell of the SD Loves Hip-hop team! Thank you for creating such an exquisitely crafted commentary and analysis of our creative equation, and we very much look forward to working with your team again in the future!
Jessie “Burns Two” Burns

“Dang man, I read like 4 sentences and already feel your writing.”

“I really enjoyed your questions and the effort you took. Helped me learn about myself and what you all see. Thank you.”
Nina Beretta aka Vision Complex

 “Thank you very much. One of the best interviewers and networks I’ve ever worked w/. Thank you  & 

I was pondering if I should quit being a fan of rap and just fully let go of it. The albums you mentioned changed all that. – @VthaPrynce via Twitter

“This got me choked up brother… I thank you, we at Beatrock [Music] thank you. Couldn’t have said it better brother… Felt[1] and I just arrived [home in San Diego], and this is the best home welcoming ever.” –Odessa Kane

“I was able to see Boogie with different deeper perspective through the description of his music.” –Elva Aldrere (C5’s manager)


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