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There is so much going on in America’s Finest City that I often find myself feeling out of the loop, especially on occasions where, like coming across Men of Many Crowns last month, I wonder how in the world I hadn’t heard of an artist of this caliber in my own city yet. I suppose the refrain of SAC’s blog could be “better late than never.” Anywho, I am simply thankful for W. Steele keeping me up on game via a FB post wherein he shared the bandcamp link to the LP the day it dropped.

Often times I know whether or not I “feel” a track, or an album, or an artist within the first 30 seconds of listening, and the same holds true of the MoMC self-titled debut; the confidence in ‘Swing’s voice stating “king me” and the soul oozing out of W. Steele’s opening sample didn’t even need 30 seconds. Men of Many Crowns is like a blend of highbrow and street art, like an SD carne asada burrito made with filet, like the perfect patina on precious metal, a seamless blend of grittiness and fluidity.

The SD duo (MoodSwingKing (emcee) and W. Steele (producer)) wear the stripes they have earned with confidence and establish their authenticity and craftsmanship early on, demanding true fans of hip hop to listen to the album all the way through.

As you journey through minds and souls of these two artisans, make sure to stop and pay careful attention to Man of Many Crowns, Visions From the Coast, Love Letters, and the Outtro.


Peace, Love & Hip Hop,

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