KARLO | Practice Smiling feat. Kahlee (prod. Digital Martyrs) [2016 Video]

“…For my family, I’m puttin’ the practice, yo,
For my friends, man, I’m puttin’ in the practice,
For my enemies, I’m puttin’ in the practice,
For my soul, man, I’m puttin’ in the practice,
You know I couldn’t say it, so you know I had to rap this…”

KARLO‘s refrain, “puttin’ in the practice,” is exactly what separates those who deal authentically with life, from those who are content with a surface level copacetic state. Soul work takes time. Pretending is immediate. Much of American culture wants immediate results. We end up worshipping what’s pretend because we don’t have the perseverance to put in the practice.

The personification of KARLO’s conscience helps to show listeners just how unnatural it can be to do something positive, something as simple as smile… especially when life is difficult (which is probably quite an understatement for someone who has “seen what and AK can do to a human…”). Right when listeners are “getting it”, Digital Martyrs strip down the beat a bit to introduce FRESHstate spitter, Kahlee, and he creates a tension by maintaining a disposition colored by gratitude even as he shares his struggles to find his way from a job he hates to paying the bills with his passion projects.

KARLO, Kahlee, Digital Martyrs, and the director, Muds One (whose story you can hear HERE), are all craftsmen of their respective trades and that craftsmanship creates space where listeners/viewers are able to really interact with the concepts shared with no obstacles. Listen. Watch. Enjoy. Share. And, if you are moved by what you’ve heard, leave a comment sharing how it moved you!

Peace, Love & Hip Hop,

– #SDLovesHipHop

#SDLovesHipHop exists to carry on a conversation about hip hop music and culture as a catalyst for change in individuals’ lives and communities. If any of the artists above, or this article has struck a chord in you, SHARE THIS and PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT explaining how.

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      Humbled that you’re humbled. Sincerely. you are exactly the artist I am targeting because your music is a voice in the conversation on hip hop as a catalyst for change. I was convicted and encouraged at the same time by your words. Thank you. Peace.

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  1. Karlo has always been one of my favorites to watch perform. This type of track is exactly why… Karlo always speaks to people offering words of wisdom and positive vibes. That real Hip Hop.

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      Thanks so much for sharing! This video definitely made a fan of me and I will definitely be catching KARLO live whenever I can! Well done opening up for Locksmith with TallCan a while back!

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