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San Diego-based hip hop artist, ATO Worldwide, is economic with his words; he’s all about getting the biggest bang for his buck and he’s seeing great returns on his investments. That’s a truth that’s sure to surface sooner than later. ATO is anything but verbose, yet on the mic he will never be at a loss for words – a fine line he walks with braggadocious swagger that’s so low-key, he’s unassuming at face value. The San Diego transplant, who’s as active behind the scenes as he is behind the mic, took some time out of his beyond-busy schedule to share his story with #SDLovesHipHop for the #WestCoastWednesdays interview series:

SDLHH: What’s good ATO?

ATO: Everything is going well.

SDLHH: Can you tell SDLHH a story about how hip hop has changed your life?

ATO: It’s changed my life in so many different ways: …the way I walk, talk, interact with others and handle my day to day! But most importantly, my understanding of how the world really works…

SDLHH: So, I interviewed you for GoodVibeSD (HERE) a while back. In that interview you brought up the power of visualization. What are you visualizing right now?

ATO: Taking my abilities and what I’ve learned to a whole different level of creation.

SDLHH: The real power in visualization is in taking steps toward that vision. What steps have you taken, and are you taking, toward your goal(s)?

ATO: Most definitely, yes! I’ve continued to insert my music into [various] platforms and media, and song writing for others way more established than I am; and it worked!

SDLHH: What has resulted from those steps taken?

ATO: Larger placements and being noticed by huge networks. As time progresses I’ll reveal more details, I suppose.

SDLHH: As you are continuing on a path that is bearing fruit, what’s on your mind at this moment in the journey?

ATO: [I wonder] if I’ll ever stop… I doubt it, highly!!!

SDLHH: If I can, I’d like to begin to get little deeper. Is that okay with you?

ATO: absolutely!!!

SDLHH: I think we can agree that we are facing times wherein our contributions to the world around us must be purposeful. What is your purpose in creating this music? What’s your “why”?

ATO: Frankly, to inspire as I was inspired by the most unorthodox forms of media and literature. Examples: Roald Dahl, an author whose books resembled many of my dreams as a kid. 80’s and 90’s Film and TV, 80’s new music, and even the TV commercials. Anime and video games too. Oh, and Puccini as well!

SDLHH: What’s something you’d like to share with San Diego Hip Hop?

ATO: People Can Fly! (Still)

SDLHH: One emphasis of SDLHH is to see a heightened level of unity in the San Diego Hip Hop community. Can you point to some other artists who you see as comrades and who you also see as helping to progress the scene?

ATO: Most definitely, there is so much talent out here! I’m actually working with a few right now.

SDLHH: Finally, where should readers go to connect with you?

ATO: @ATOworldwide on all social media platforms,  or ATOworldwide.com

Peace, Love & Hip Hop,

– #SDLovesHipHop

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