Boogie | N***a Needs [2016 Video]

When you know, you just know. Ever since I went to THIS show, I just knew this dude was something special. Authenticity permeates everything he touches and the heart and soul of hip hop oozes from each project, like blood from a gunshot wound. If you read the linked review of his concert, which contains links to NPR interviews and more, then you will begin to understand why I feel so strongly about the importance of this young father’s role in hip hop here and now. He truly is something special.

Boogie’s latest video, for N***a Needs, off of his recently released Thirst 48 Pt. II, is the perfect display of his character, skill and that thing, whatever it is, that makes him so special. This song could easily be the sequel to Overstate Interlude off of his previous release, The Reach. Both tracks so vividly put Boogie’s internal struggle on display, something many fear exposing to their audiences. While it places the artist on a vulnerable pedestal, it is crucial that artists, who, by design, are leaders, paint a picture that is realistic for both fans and other artists looking to make the climb that has landed Boogie on Interscope’s roster.

While Boogie is putting himself on display for his fans, one can’t watch this video and not question who Boogie feels is paying closest attention to his story as he tells it, which, like the video, is uncomfortable.

Enjoy this video, and leave a comment if it compels you to do so. Also, be on the lookout for #SDLHH’s review of Thirst 48 Pt. II, which will be written after I spend some proper, focused listens with it. Trust me, you will enjoy it. You’ll learn from it. And if hip hop connects with your soul, as it does mine, you will experience some real emotions in response.

Peace, Love & Hip Hop,

– #SDLovesHipHop

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