The Kneehighs | We Put the Fun in Dysfunction [2016 Album]

San Diego party rockin’ rap group, The KneeHighs, put some timely fun in the dysfunction we are experiencing societally with the release of the much anticipated We Put the FUN in Dysfunction. DJ Gar Gar, Will Billiams, Johnny Rooks, and Talls return after a 5+ year quiet spell – a quiet spell that is explained between the lines and explicitly on WPTFID.

After a few listens, I couldn’t help but hear a combination of a light-hearted, non-socio-political-centric Flobots, blended with the cadences of Aceyalone (and perhaps others of his Project Blowed family), and the inter-artist chemistry of Athletic Mic League which, when combined with San Diego’s laid-backness, creates a really enjoyable summer soundtrack.

The KneeHighs remain loyal to the late 90’s/early 2000’s, which has clearly provided them with ample inspiration, and carry on the legacy of the funny and witty prelude/interlude skit. The album opens up with a hilarious exchange of voice mail messages that give the listener a taste of what’s to come, a glimpse into the personality of the artists involved, as well as a bit of what may have contributed to the expansive gap between We Put the FUN in Dysfunction and Rise and Shine. The album is chock full of hilarity both musically and through the well timed skits.

From Get There Soon to A Buck Eighty The KneeHighs provide top notch funky production, a fun-loving approach to a vast array of topics from drinking to fantasy football to relationships, and a fresh take on the minutiae that fills our lives. The album provides a great listen from front to back, and the track that stands out most is Slingshot; it has all of the qualities described above from the music, to the chemistry, to the content and delivery. WPTFID is a solid and well-rounded album and is sure to fit the vibe of whatever you’re looking to do this summer.

It is great to see SD’s own, The KneeHighs, contribute to what seems to be renaissance of sorts in San Diego’s hip hop scene. If you get a chance to catch them live, go out and support local music – The KneeHighs’ release party will be on July 29th at The Casbah and will feature Parker Edison.

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