SOUP | Don’t Shoot the Messenger [2016 Video]

Jeff Daniels’ monologue from “The Newsroom” regarding the “greatness” of America provides the context for San Diego transplant SOUP’s Don’t Shoot the Messenger. The dark guitar loop that supplies the emcee with the haunting tone, carries the eeriness the entire length of the song. SOUP taps into the weightiness of both and delivers machine gun-like cadences full of socio-political commentary for the better part of five minutes. We are in a time, as SOUP’s lyrics very acutely remind us, where the statement “don’t shoot the messenger” couldn’t be more apropos, especially if the messenger happens to be a man or woman of color. The visuals are thought-provoking yet don’t distract the listener while she/he attempts to digest the meaty content in the SOUP.

Peace, Love & Hip Hop,

– #SDLovesHipHop


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