KAHLEE & Digital Martyrs | Perspective [Musical Short dir. by Arash Afshar]

“…the scattered puzzle pieces of life’s exactly what I wanted…”

KAHLEE, an SD hip hop transplant by way of Gardena, has settled into San Diego in every sense of the word. He has made a home for himself and his family, and has simultaneously made a home for his music in a scene not necessarily known for its warmth. Both have been costly investments, that have situated the “burden on [his] back” squarely on his chest, causing him to have to deal with the burden of being a husband, father, employee and an artist. In the musical short, directed by Arash Afshar, the emcee shares some Perspective delivered by an unlikely messenger.

The blue-collar sub-genre in hip hop has an appeal that none can match, perhaps due to how it resonates with anyone working hard to pursue his or her dreams, regardless of context. While KAHLEE juggles the responsibilities mentioned above, listeners can’t help but relate as they feel the tension between practical needs being met and passion/hobby/creative needs being met as well.

Interestingly, the house inhabited by the narrator and his son is empty. It is an unsettling piece of the puzzle here, but perhaps that is simply a call to deeper listens and further, more intense views. Regardless of the symbolism therein, the relationship between the father and son is powerful and shows a softer side of the one delivering raspy, hard-hitting vocals that exude braggadocio, even as they carry messages of introspection.

While pursuing one’s dreams necessitates struggle that the dreamer often despises, upon reflection, that particular struggle is actually what he/she truly wants/needs. Go struggle.

Peace, Love & Hip Hop,

– #SDLovesHipHop


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