Just A Thought | Falling and Getting Up Again

I know, I know, Rodney Mullen is a skateboarder, not an emcee, producer, bboy, graf writer nor a DJ. BUT, I do believe we can learn a great deal from the amazing mind of this highly technical skateboarder who encourages others to take on the identity of skateboarders, namely, that of a culture of people who fall more than they land… and it’s okay!

A little more justification: if you loved either 90’s hip hop, or 90’s skate videos, then you know that they are almost synonymous! Rodney is an iconic figure from that era and, at least in my mind, is inextricably connected to hip hop’s golden era.

Okay, back to the theme of the TEDx talk by one of skateboarding’s most innovative contributors. As you watch this you will be confronted with the resilience embedded in the fabric of skateboarders, a trait that hip hop is no stranger to… BUT, I will say that at times the pride and braggadocio attempt to hide the fact that one of the greatest strengths of hip hop artists is their ability to make mistakes and to “get back up,” most recognizable when one forgets his/her verse and freestyles so well that many ma not even detect the hiccup.

Take chances. Pay dues. Fall. Get back up!

Peace, Love & Hip Hop,

– SDLovesHipHop

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