Rexx Life Raj | Radio [2017 Video]

Thank you SoundCloud for introducing me to Rexx Life Raj – he popped into the queue at the end of Boogie’s The Reach. Everything I’ve seen from Rexx Life Raj thus far has pointed to authenticity. He feels very dedicated to the art, the craft, the culture.

“This might not make it to radio, but/
up up and away we go, uh/
got tired of takin’ losses/
’bout time that we take control, oh, oh, oh…”

The opening lines to his recently released visuals for “Radio” support such a feeling. The video is a montage of true to life footage of his day to day and different performances, painting a nine-to-five, a blue collar, image of the life of an artist, cutting out the glitz and glamour, while not diminishing or even minimizing the beauty of a life dedicated to creativity, and hopefully a life of purpose that inspires others. Watch. Enjoy. Share.

Peace, Love & Hip Hop,

– #SDLovesHipHop

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