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Grieves embodies the heaviness of the broken world we live in in such a fun-loving way. “Rx” is the perfect example. Here we see what’s been going on in the heart and mind of our favorite playful emo-emcee, which is obviously a lot. Enjoy the heartache-filled meandering of Grieves and his pet fish.

Aesop Rock approaches the craft of emceeing, of storytelling, is a way all his own. He has THE MOST EXPANSIVE VOCABULARY in all of hip hop, shoot, perhaps he is up there in all of literature as well, and that variety of language allows us to see well worn paths as new spaces to be explored. Here Aes looks back on the 8 years of paralyzing pain that came from losing friend and fellow emcee, Camu Tao, in 2008. He likens the 8 years to sitting, stoned, in his car and the song gently urges the artist to “Get Out of the Car”.

Brother Ali has run that gamut of emotion and action through the course of his catalogue, and more importantly, over the course of his life. with All the Beauty in This Whole Life Ali explores joy in a way he has never done before. The activism, angst, and true to life stories we have fallen in love with over the course of Big Brother the Beast’s discography is still very present, but it is poured forth through the filter of joy, and the result is beautiful. “Never Learn” feels very much like that admission that the pursuit of joy is not always at the forefront, but that Ali is recognizing that and he is growing into a man who has learned, and will continue to learn. One really interesting thing I’ve come to remember, to realize, to hold on to, is that joy does not mean the absence of all of the other emotions, but it means experiencing those emotions with a sense of purpose; “Never Learn” feels like it puts that realization on display.

Evidence is such an intriguing dude. There is something so pure about his contributions to hip hop culture. He just feels like he was born to exist in hip hop, he seems very much at home, whether choppin’ samples or displaying mastery of the slow flow. The Alchemist-produced “Throw It All Away” seems to support my claim. Ev basically says he can spend everything he has today because future success is essentially guaranteed. A subtle statement that he wouldn’t throw it all away without purpose is hinted at as we see a presumably homeless person in a wheelchair roll away with Evidence’s jacket protecting him/her from the rain. It just hit me that I need to reach out and try to interview Ev.

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