Phora | To the Moon [2017 Video]

Couldn’t be prouder and happier for this young man, Phora. He has been grinding for years, exposing the nooks and crannies of his heart and mind, encouraging his primarily younger fanbase to stay true to who they are, despite the low blows life throws at them; numerous fans write him (daily I presume) to share about how his music has kept the lid on a tempting bottle of pills shut tight, or how it has stopped the blade, mid cut, from traversing their trembling wrists. Phora has found a way to make his story their story, my story, our story. One of the most brilliant aspects of music, of art, of literature, is that it can make one person’s, or group of people’s, story connect to that of another. Phora has become a master of empathy, both causing listeners to empathize with his story, and also showing those same listeners that he empathizes with theirs as well.

The transcendent visuals are provided by one in the “Small Circle” Phora keeps, George Orozco; he has been at the helm of Phora’s video catalogue for a long time now, creating the Yours Truly visual palette. The signature soundscape is provided by Phora’s two in-house producers, Anthro and Eskupe, two artists who have mastered chopping and flipping samples and creating ethereal backdrops for Marco’s introspective audible films to take life against. The trifecta of Phora’s words, Anthro and ‘Skupe’s beats, and George’s videos has proved the perfect formula to connect with an audience, and audience that caught the attention of Warner Bros. Records.

It is unanimous, the entire YT family feels that “To The Moon” is their best piece of art to date, from concept, to sound, to visuals, and it is with good reason – TTM is an excellent and thorough summary of the thousands of hours of work put in by the team, displaying each contributor’s best work. Besides the technical aspects of the music video, as a fan, it is awesome to see Phora and his long-time love, Destiny, back together and creating art that matters – I am sure their story is an encouragement to the dreamers and idealists who want true love to prevail. In “To The Moon”, as with most of his songs, Phora makes himself vulnerable regarding love, but also exposes some of what Destiny has been through as well; not only does Phora take us beneath the surface, he assures the object of his affection that those blemishes and imperfections beneath the flesh are some of the things that keep him close. Love like that is universally desired, which is why many, if not most, will connect with the latest release from hip hop’s Romeo.

Listen. Watch. Enjoy. Share.

Peace, Love & Hip Hop,

– #SDLovesHipHop

PS – If you don’t trust my take on Phora, you can hear it from him HERE – my gift is translating an artist’s essence to readers.

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