Locksmith | Lofty Goals [2015 Album]


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Locksmith shows his hand right away with Lessons as his album opener. The listener is instantly confronted with the fact that Locksmith has quite a story, both as an artist and as a man.

“Such a beautiful setting//life’s good, my music’s finally spreading//looking back on a time when I wasn’t getting, the recognition deserved//but I’m hanging on by a threading//I’m letting go of the guilt and the pain that I once carried//could’ve been a victim myself but escaped barely//I, rarely make excuses, look what he endured//my girl left the same week I had to leave on tour//damn”

Clearly a gifted storyteller, Lock sets up the rest of the song, and the rest of the album with this intro: We know that, at least to date, the story ends happily – more or less. We learn that we are not alone in loving his music which is now spreading – though it wasn’t always so. We find that even though Locksmith is doing well musically, the story that has landed him here and now has him hanging by a thread, giving us a feel for the duration of his struggle leading up to his current level of success. The fact that Lock carried guilt and pain means that we are dealing with an introspective individual who is humbled and grounded by past mistakes, but the confidence found throughout the album assures us that he is not paralyzed by that regret. The last line in the quote is full of questions for the audience, reeling us in, partly making us wonder why “she” would leave; more importantly, it is at the end of that line that Locksmith’s commitment to his music and it’s impact on the world is made evident.

I sincerely thank God for artists like Locksmith – those with the courage to tell their story and not shy away from aspects of who they are, while not glorifying strengths nor weaknesses. Those currently looking to make a name for themselves ought to take notes here: tell your story and stop trying to tell the stories (which are often embellished or even false) that others are telling. Be yourself.

Listening to Lofty Goals has been such a blessing while building #SDLovesHipHop from the ground up, especially as I look to the future with high hopes and an overwhelming here and now. After listening to the album, leave a comment sharing which track from Locksmith’s latest release encouraged you and why.

Peace, Love & Hip Hop,

– SDLovesHipHop

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