Ric Scales & 18 Sense (18Scales) | Leave it all Behind [2017 FreEP] @ thChrch.com

With the first few notes, 18 Sense’ ethereal production draws you “Way Out Here” as Ric Scales’ vocals lull listeners along the same path, pulling them into the world created by Leave it all Behind. The FreEP displays, in equal measure, the versatility of CAliens’ 18 Sense as a producer, and the same of the FRESHstate’s Ric Scales as an emcee, a storyteller, and social commentator. Scales’ register sits in that voice-you-could-listen-to-all-day range, akin to that of Common or Mos Def – you just don’t get tired of listening to him. While his tone keeps him listenable for multiple spins in a row, it is Ric Scales’ cadences, intricate rhyme schemes, delivery, style and unique angle on common themes that is sure to keep you coming back for more…

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